A Mark

Lovely sight
Reconcile my works, they throw them out window
They drain my skills at mastering this

You’re one of them
I can’t help what’s going to happen to you
You can’t replace what’s already been done
A signal in the sky’ll make you wonder

A tragedy begins

Won’t you run!?
Or won’t you say I’m sorry!?

If destiny sees your worth
Your worth is something, something for me to forgive
I’ll let you. Promise me we’ll watch them fall down
Stay as we watch them eat the ground
Watch them tremble, watch them crumble

Tragedy continues

Missing rays of light won’t save you
It’ll begin to hurt you
They will follow you
All who caused a lot of pain to others will pay
I’ll get what I deserve
It’s my pleasure to see you get a taste of your own medicine

Don’t care if they take away my future
Don’t care if they take away my life
A mark will always be left for you

Tragedy prevails

written on October 17, 2008

eidos # 348


~ by controlkiryu on 03. 09. 2013.

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