Unwanted Troubles

Let me ask you, child, if anything is going on
(It’s not her and she never will be)

Let me ask you.. Are there any suspicious events … happened?
I see.. It all started when he left her
In return, auntie came to comfort the sadness

I see she’s unwanted
Unwanted from the start that she got here

Oh, little things can make big illusions
What we are seeing are not hallucinations
Don’t you think that after she bought that..?

Don’t you see? You’re the reason for her troubles
Don’t you see? You’re a lot more easier to predict
When you hate from the start … you get here
… if you don’t want to eat the cookies, please don’t mind if I grab one..
(No, the cookies are poison! Auntie’s gonna poison us ‘cause he said so)

It sees with its eyes
It moves with its eyes
It sees with its eyes
It warns her with its eyes

written on March 7, 2008

eidos # 350


~ by controlkiryu on 05. 09. 2013.

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