Despite All the Misses, You Weren’t Listening To Me

Even though that baby I’m yours but I’m nowt
Hard to breathe but it’s easy to find out
The laptop’s temperature drops, it’s a doubt
Lifestyle’s not anew, shut your mouth

If only you’d remember this
There weren’t any suspected kiss
If only there’s a bottle you’d piss
There wasn’t to remember’s kiss

In the commando, in the Monaco
You’d go to Moscow, half that you’d pay for
Though, she do sleeps on, though that she sleeps on
A one, a last missed call, or nothing at all

You end in a firing squad
And the general way your dad
Stealing all the riches pad
On the internet’s page, now your’re glad

Bitches’ upon the government
Could try to give a compliment?
But music’s on the development
Lifestyle’s an anew, shut your mouth

written on February 12, 2008

eidos # 351


~ by controlkiryu on 06. 09. 2013.

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