Hardcore Baby

She looks weak from a distance but loads on the spot
She reads references that only make her hot
Emerald wishes only granted when I tease her so
I’d better prepare for that deadly blow

Just for kicks, she’s hotter than the Sun
F.Y.I., she’s colder than the Moon
I could tell that she is really the one
I could tell from her looks that I’d be broken in half soon

As I’m walking on the street, a trap was set out just for me
I evade her to avoid embarrassing and crying..
All of the fresh emerald wishes are gone ‘cause she cried
Well, I need to help her but I just died

Just for kicks, she really shed a tear
F.Y.I., she’s cuter than before
I can’t believe that she’s the one I can’t bear
I could tell from her looks I’m gonna even the score

She’s the dream of my dreams but she’s a killer it seems
She looks so soft and beautiful, wonderful, it seems
No one can save me from her but if I let go of her
If I let go her, she will be stolen from me…

She’s tough like a horse but she’s soft like a bread
She kills time with her smile and she’s new by the way
She’s smart as a girl and I can’t get her off my head
She needs a lead guy like me but she’s new anyway
She’s a hardcore cutie
She’s a hardcore baby, I can tell
Yeah, I can tell
She’s a hardcore baby and she needs a lead like me

written on December, 2007

eidos # 364


~ by controlkiryu on 23. 09. 2013.

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