Tropic Apollo

Used to be full of energy
Now, I’m running out of battery
I’m running out of shelf life
She’s close to destroying the one she dislikes

Never cared until now
I see every morning indicates that I’m alive
But it tends to be longer
I’m not afraid of not seeing the sunrise
I’m just afraid of seeing it too much

Afraid of burning alive
Unafraid of living a life
Likes to hold an empty gun
Dislikes the ever growing sun

Never cared until now
I see people shouting “it’s the end of the world!”
When the sun disappears for 30 seconds
People calming other people
Staking the sun came back because of our trust

No trust of freedom in the future
No remedy or even a cure
To cure this collapsing society
We’re overheating eventually

Death, is what we’re sure of
Not knowing when or how
Not saving lives lately
Continuous progression of technology
Weighing this world I won down

I tried to sell my 15 years to someone else
Never relied on to many Christian prayers
Sought out to be buried nowhere and everywhere
Lives my hands couldn’t save because of destroyers

written on May 28, 2009

finished on June 24, 2009

eidos # 375


~ by controlkiryu on 10. 10. 2013.

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