Closed Sheets

I was born in the darkness, shielded away from the open sky
I concentrated on making you love me even after you passed me by
I can’t seem to hold my inner self everytime you blocked my dominant eye
and I was contented but I wasn’t happy

When you met him there, your attention moved closer to him
When I’m that guy who’s always ready to take your side
But you never noticed that my heart is turning into stone
Till, I got away from home, I hated myself from being happy

I was okay when I met you
It was okay…

But not today, as I am stronger than before
Before you thought I was not your man
I wasn’t simple than you think but I’m not bragging at all
I just want you to love me

Not the person who I never wished to be
I even stayed under a universal tree thinking my painting of you
I should’ve never met you and I should’ve never drawn your face…

In the first place, I was okay when I saw you
It was okay when I saw you looked into my eyes…

I was born in the darkness and half of my heart’s clouded with darkness
My wrong choosing of lady’s because of my carelessness
I shouldn’t have concentrated on keeping my hopes up
and maybe I should’ve started anew now ‘cause I’ve been locked up inside and out

Though, since I’m free, I will join the party while my misery’s taking a vacation
My reflection doesn’t reflect on my image as I’m never over you
But not tonight, not, tonight: my head marks the absolute end
No forgiveness, no arguments, no fights while the lights are dead in my bedroom

All my time was led to waste like an hourglass broken into pieces
Myself, my inner self is to blame for making me cling
My heart was turned into stone when you kissed me on the lips
On the lips of my inner self

These sheets were always open
‘cause it match the day light passing through the window, I know
I knew that I’d always see you if I’e the time and courage I wouldn’t let my feelings show
I wouldn’t let the darkness in me get out but it’s too late
But I am here..
I shouldn’t let the darkness in me get out but it’s too late

I am swimming the sea of pain and I can’t get out
I hope the morning will
My hopes shall become the one that could be regenerating
This broken boy’s light has been smashed and let unrepaired

These sheets were once open
Broken, yes, I’m broken, even more broken than a promise
And your face, I saw it again
We could be no more than friends carrying our backs
Pushing our nerves where we’d be hanging our lives in front of the center of our hands

I should forget your face and erase all the traits of me to you
I’ll erase any trace of memories of you
I’ll sleep this pain and I’ll let you go
I’ll sleep this pain away and I shall bury my love for you

I won’t treat your face
I won’t treat your face as important anymore
No more shall I treat your face
In the first place, in the first place I was okay when I met you

It was okay when I saw you looked into my eyes…
And now my heart is bound to be with someone else,
I’ll love you till death but you treat me as a friend
As a friend, as any friend

He borrowed my soul for that one night
They shared a warm kiss under a light
Tonight, I wish I have someone to hold
so I can forget this bitterness after I close these sheets
Together with this piece of hope
I’ll put these all away

written on February 11, 2009

finished on February 13, 2009

eidos # 381


~ by controlkiryu on 20. 10. 2013.

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