Parfait With Cotton Candy

Ladies and Gentlemen: we proudly present a chock-a-block bazaar of sweet pleasure!

I’m sipping a parfait, sipping a parfait, do all the boys/girls look at us?
I’m drinking a milk shake, drinking a milk shake, all the boys/girls have a crush on us
Boys/Girls follow us from every, follow us from every mall that we’d stepped in
They should be alerted, like we’d be alerted, let all the fans come in

Not fashionistas/fashion models or we are some new stars rising on the A-list of fame
Rare cutie pies/pretty boys, we are

Shopping and cruising, here, on a ship that leads us to our resort
Beach balls in our resorts, we’re in bikinis/ours trunks and,
“all the young and old, {please} join us!”

Boys/Girls came on watching, they’d came in marching from every setting that we’re in
They can’t be reported, can’t be avoided, so that’s why all the teens smiled in

Not that perfect nor we are some new stuff that comes up on all the news
Every girl/boy can live like this

Princesses and Princes: we proudly present:
a chocolate-vanilla-box cabaret of satisfying gratification!

To every single person, here’s a satisfaction for an overwhelming coronation
We don’t give a reason, it can’t be avoided when we’re posted up in the mag
Adored by the nation just being us when all of the media came in
All the fans smiled in, it cannot be avoided, we’re admired in every spot we’re in
Admired in every spot we’re in
Adored in every spot we’re in

written on October, 2007

eidos # 382


~ by controlkiryu on 21. 10. 2013.

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