Tireless Leader: Sharp-eyed Eagle

I recommend that you put away that cigarette of yours
You’re disturbing the guest by acting like a new pest
One of us will be leaving if you don’t show respect
To my one and only lady that I find it hard to collect

Um.. We’re wasting our time due to sitting around and judging
Would you let me be, be with her?
As a father, will you care?

Soon, when I get my hands off work, you’d more likely to see me
Drinking in the streets and hurting people that I once call my family
Though, it’s just a game
No one is more likely to disgrace this one
Rather put it in recognizable shame

Too many procedures before thinking of the times
Though, I can’t quite visualize my feelings when I am intoxicated
Graded. Could be a nine out of ninety?

Yeah, I’ve stick it and yeah, I’ve stick it

Is it time to award me in ‘Best in Performance’
I’d rather forget her due to complications

I’m going to be the new father, the baby’s father
Oh, haven’t I turned out to be selfish to let you know that
It is all in the genes

Is it having a new life more challenging to the skin?
Have I sweat a lot to produce this?
Or is it ‘acting by force’?
But I write sins not tragedies and I’d forget her due to complications

written on March 4, 2008

finished on March 5, 2008

entitled on October 25, 2013

eidos # 386


~ by controlkiryu on 25. 10. 2013.

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