Deadline Of Your Decision

Tomorrow will be the deadline of your decision.
Have you finished writing the final piece yet?
You write down promises for us with cute precision
9:00AM on Friday and I haven’t seen you yet.

Tomorrow will be the deadline of my decision.
Do you remember the day where we should’ve met?
You’ve made a lot of promises and forgot ‘em.
I am falling. I thought you were my safety net?

As you can’t recall’s when I can recall.
I could be with someone else. You’d cry without me.
I could be happy ‘cause without you, there’s no misery.
Your apology, I haven’t heard it yet.

This was a catchy melody.
You know way up in the sky. I haven’t reached my dream.
Together, all this time, I’ve kissed your lips.
I feel today’s gonna be a boring day.

What’s the point in holding your.
Your lovely hands always make me fall into a stress-free sleep.
We live our lives inside a happy-go-lucky fantasy.
For you, this day is a broken unturned melody.

Next, you tried to win my heart back all over again.
You serenaded all night up until morning.
Pause, I said to myself, “you’re just any other man”.
But you won’t move yourself back to the beginning.

As I’ve said before’s what you’ve said before.
You’ve grown up to a man and left your clumsy self behind.
As your voice transposes’s when my voice transposes.
You’re grumpy when you’re lonely but you look so harmless when you’re sleeping.
You could be happy but without me there’s gaiety.
Misunderstandings can’t fulfill your word.

Every inch is meaningful.
No matter how childish and lavish the words we throw away.
As a lover, just keep fighting and cannot say the words.
Instead of giving me an instant text.

My heart is a diamond.
It’s expensive but not brittle like a glass heart.
Butterflies and hurricanes taught me something beautiful.
Yeah, this could be the return of something wonderful.

Tomorrow will be the deadline of our decision.
We’ll exchange a significant sorry to date.
This hour could spark something magical without reason.
I didn’t know that time’d passed by because of fate.

So nostalgic or okay.
Our hands hold our hearts and slow dance at the stage.
I know finding another you’s finding like no other.
We’ve won this last adventure course.

So we vowed, it turned okay.
Flying hearts, we sleep in cloud nines outside open window panes.
Let’s escape the pain we’ve created out of simple melancholy.
For you, this night is a repaired and tuned melody, repaired and tuned melody.
(Fly high our hearts…)

written on February 02, 2009

finished on February 04, 2009

eidos # 402


~ by controlkiryu on 17. 11. 2013.

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