Solomon x Saya

Rubies flow everywhere… Rubies flow anywhere…
Rubies flow every time… Rubies flow anytime…
Rubies flow everywhere… kept flowing, just when we’re hiding
Rubies flow anywhere… kept flowing, just when we’re fighting
Rubies flow every time… deeper than the deepest ocean
Rubies flow anytime… higher than the highest mountain

Billions couldn’t save at all

Tears won’t fall anymore… (There’s one wish in my mind, in my mind)
Lost lives in soul searching… and try to stay alive, stay alive
Fear left not long ago… realized you’re not alive but alone
The captain of my soul…
your decisions are not to blame because many are willing to protect and make you safe
Billions try to steal my soul but they can’t sell it

Heart’s missing in a series on what heroes couldn’t understand
Billions are in reverse…
Bloodshed came flowing after happiness was shed inside our hearts
Please, Peace, control your hate
Don’t hate your demon’s angel
Please just control your faith and fate, fate, fate, fight

I’ve got a reason that is more heavenly and sinister combined

written on May 15, 2009

eidos # 407


~ by controlkiryu on 22. 11. 2013.

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