Lights will all go down along with the rise of an inferno.
People will all go down along with the rise of an inferno.
The lists are going down one by one and children’ll fall from the sky.
All doors are cemented-shut ‘cause it’s time for you to die.

Rest, the pain, don’t you dare to try… standing
They will die.

You will pay for all of your sins as the only one who is you is not here.
Calling for help won’t call anyone but I know I am fighting fear.
Headshot is coming to life and I am keeping my strive.
Though, his voice soothes freely to your ears as both of you are burning alive.

Rest, the pain, he can walk out of here.
You know that can too.
Are you just scared so you can’t move?
Don’t you care if you die.

Sad story’s I was never held at gunpoint after Satan’s minion sank to the depths of hell.
Behind me was a way out and I have showed them the path where I fell.
It’s only you and me and Satan and an angel watching ourselves playing fire.
This burning box holds the line of good and evil.
We watched you walked away together with flying bullets as I embraced your smile.

written on October 9, 2008

eidos # 410


~ by controlkiryu on 26. 11. 2013.

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