I’ll Lay Down My Head For You

Have I spoken too much stories?
Have I kept a lot of memories?
Memories I can barely recall

All of the hopes I used to dream
was simply blown where I lived in
Lavitz’s wind

Is there any point to take a fall?
Seasons have bloomed yet they decayed
You’ve disappeared but your shadow stayed

Could it be there’s hope left after all?

Staying, your shadow seems to speak
Telling me that my heart is weak
Seeking to find you as I pray

All of the love that I can’t find
Refines my smile when you were kind
Now, the firmament turns to gray

Excluding the tragedies had come
Taking off what we have become
Wishing, “you’ll return”

Wishing a rainbow everyday

and you’ll watch my soul transform into stream
and you’ll hold my life, darling
You’ll feel my tears riding on your skin
I’ll lay down my head for you

written on October 2, 2008

entitled on December 5, 2013

eidos # 418


~ by controlkiryu on 05. 12. 2013.

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