Crestfallen Identity

The carpet here’s so cold which means there were many ghosts who visited this place
It’s as cold as the glimmering night with all the frozen silhouettes in place
Hacking all the systems within or in your faithless loyalty
You are trying to get out but it is needless to help you with your plan
..when not far above the horizon is the breakage of unity

Weakness, oh my weakness is your distaste of my pleasure

You could’ve been more specific
You couldn’t be less tragic
You could’ve been more tragic

Thoughts in fire have been skinned down to tone,
to be secure of your worthwhile safety
Along with your hypersonic melody and crestfallen identity
Your backstage pauses will help you meet the stolen wings you cannot replace

Even after affinities had left you,
you’ve received the difficulty of breathing
but you assert as you try as hard as you can
when not far is the heart’s fall into grace

You could murder me endlessly
I can bear the shame that, for years, has embraced me
Now, would somebody say that we’re alike?
I’d more likely to dispel
I’ll run away from this spell

written on August 11, 2008

finished on August 14, 2008

eidos # 427


~ by controlkiryu on 17. 12. 2013.

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