Underline the Sky

A hundred empty seats are arranged yet I’m still lonely here.
On my sides are two speakers.
I see the floor’s smooth but there’re cracks in every turn I make
while holding a half-empty ballpen.

and I’ll..

Look straight ahead because the roof’s above your head.
Now, keep your eyes forward now.
Time is slow but birds are passing by.

I’d underline my love into the sky and think that my wishes beyond my imagination
are heavenly sent far away to your bedroom
where you can dream all of it to have a good night sleep.

Few people caught my eyes but weren’t asking me to stand.
I’m constantly worried ‘bout my future.
If the sun doesn’t shine at all and rain’s not falling at my door,
I’d make the grass my bed and I’ll be looking

at the open sky..

What was it? There were stars before the moon.
I kept my eyes forward always.
Time is slow.. no more birds are passing.
Time is slow but the clouds are flying by.

I guess it was fortune who reads aloud messages
from wishes that failed to catch your God’s emotions
like I was about to smile the same way when you’ve done
every illumination the lights were offering.

At the open sky..

What was it? I don’t remember having it
or the other way around.
The heart doesn’t have to be a merry-go.
This world doesn’t have to be a merry-go-round.

Stars of the shining reflected images.
The words which are broken and always my imagination
are never beyond sent to any holy place
as my soul was never here in your room.

written on February 26, 2009

finished on March 5, 2009

eidos # 428


~ by controlkiryu on 18. 12. 2013.

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