New Year’s Eve Tragedy

I guess we’ll laugh like we’re clowns
So clumsy and happy and all, all around
But still, there’s someone who’ll just push you to the ground
Up to now, it is impossible to change our frowns

We think that the new year will bring good luck
I’m in need of fortune
But I’m not that old yet, not that old ’cause I’m still young
I’m not you

For us, this is another passing time
Months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds are left behind
Guess what’s playing inside my mind
It is as dark and dull as any wasted mind

My days are incomplete, not complete without you
I just need a warmth to hug
It’s cold, unlike some, they just wait for the bang
Unlike me

Why can’t I be free?
As if I’m tied to a tree
These ropes are tightening my eyes
Like I am their hostage
They won’t force me to smile
‘Cause I’m not in need of your happiness
‘Cause if you don’t give me freedom
I won’t give you respect

A new year’s eve tragedy
The reason I’m not free’s
‘Cause it’s a new year’s eve tragedy
Believe me

I’m not free

written on December 31, 2008

finished on January 1, 2009

eidos # 433


~ by controlkiryu on 31. 12. 2013.

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