Harmless At First Sight

I see you right across the room
I know you sometimes sit behind me
I guess I’ll just pass the glowing moon
Oh, I see you right beside me

Ooh, we’re close but I can’t bear to touch
Your hands are smooth and soft but I can’t bear to watch
Other guys just walk in front of you
They don’t appreciate you…r face

And why is it that I can’t have you?
Is it because I’m out of your league?
Do you think if I change we’d build something new?
I guess I’ll change my face

You seem to mesmerize me
You’re so down-to-Earth cute
You make me look at you everyday
You are so cute

It’s harmless, baby, it’s alright
Relationships can wait till summer
Build something new, I’m harmless at first sight
You camouflage the light
Harmless, they can wait till summer
Spring springs lovers
Harmless, harmless at sight

written on October 14, 2008

eidos # 437


~ by controlkiryu on 07. 01. 2014.

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