Break The Peace

Break the peace
Break the peace and riot
Storm our own government.
Demand for an increase in fare hike and demand for a decrease in oil prices

Behold what we have done
We own no knowledge in our hands
Offsprings relaxing for life is free
They do as they reconcile

Students are trapped in cages and teachers tried to teach
Still worthless, got no money
You’re lucky you’re not with them

Cyclones often hit us and heat waves often follow
Along with this unintelligent move that we have planned

Banks sink and re – closes
Melody have taken
Gave away some prizes and left millions starving

Markets of headquarters and clusters of every news
Any TV channel says, “lost some points”

Masculine complains everyday
Why does the heat keep rising?
Why does our wishes hurt?
Our cries weren’t listened
As we can’t buy happiness
Though, ecstasies are all cheap
We complain ‘cause we got no money to support ourselves…

Never create something you know is dying
Do not let it grow up
Never create something you know is not worth living
Do not let it become who we are, who we are
Who we are is not how everything should be…

written on October 13, 2008

entitled on January 10, 2014

eidos # 438


~ by controlkiryu on 10. 01. 2014.

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