A cold serene breeze passed by
I never ever tried to say, “hi” to you
I can have you if I try?

You’re leaving with a body of a “Milfeulle”
You have a lot of time to kill, oh, not staring
Hugging you may be much of a trill
But you hang me up

I’ve even seen you bend over and I was sent to heaven
We’re compatible you know, listen to me when I’m speakin’
Though, I do not even know you much but I keep learnin’
This is the moment that I’ll ask you if I could start datin’

I can have you if I try
But you hang me up, you hung me up

Certified single from head to toe
100% never been kissed, never been touched at all
All natural, made with the finest (freshly baked)
So I see you’re not taken

Oh you’re not taken (but are you taken?)

written on February 14, 2008

eidos # 439


~ by controlkiryu on 13. 01. 2014.

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