Letter By Design / “Enthusiasm”

They made my evening worse
Had me thinking
“What happened to him?”

Alas, ‘tis to be continued?
Or was the text edited?
Three days before the accident..

You saw what happened to him
Why did not you stop them?
Before seatmates are turned into steam
Long after it begins..

He’s the only living one
The only shining one
His designation is gone

Although, he makes me happy
They shouldn’t pass the key
They will show no empathy
Does he make them happy?

A day came, we see she ain’t around
Yeah, we can’t see him thinking
Like there wasn’t some soil on the ground
Caring makes you fall

You hear a storm of thunder
And see blitz of lightning
Was he ever happy?
Or was I scared to know?

written on October 13, 2008

retitled on February 7, 2014

eidos # 445


~ by controlkiryu on 07. 02. 2014.

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