Track 1

feeling alone and happy
got my hopes up for something
something that would take me to you

I’m almost sixteen and free
don’t have my hopes on nothing
someone approached me for something
and I don’t have any clue

You, it’s more important than me
and because you are another favour to be
to be something that I could laugh about
we’d be going out

I’m summoning courage to be as close to you
as love birds never meet
all my dreams I’d leave them behind
if my love’s what you’d emit

I feel like I need to cross a river
or an ocean just to prove something
I might drown myself on the way and might get lost and tremulous

but reaching you’s a forever
it has always been an all or nothing
it’s like another fairy tale from the same book, it is continuous

booking up on a plane for a trip
I wondered how you look during the night
I’ve got a mountain to climb that is quite steep
you saw me walk through the light

you can hear strings of jout singing
Psyche and Cupid running around
and this joy of singing around
let us go but not let us go…

it’s like when my house is built on your left
yeah, you live on your right
I will sing along and with my song
I will move your heart with my melody
if it wasn’t for the wrong time and date
our kissing might’ve been fate
I’m summoning courage just to be with you
as lovebirds never meet
I’m summoning courage just to be close to you, and to you and to you

I will move your heart, Melody

written on January 16, 2009

written on January 21, 2009

eidos # 451


~ by controlkiryu on 21. 02. 2014.

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