I’m the person whose heart is always hidden.
I’m undiscovered, tell me girl, I’m not mistaken.
Everyday turns to be a normal or a sad day.

She lights the firecrackers of happiness every time she makes a noise.
Every time she made a noise, I feel like I could be helpful towards anybody.

I’m too tired longing for the same girl for years.
For a century, she was temporary.

She leaves it going, for a long time it was pumping
out the wanting to merge with someone who I believed in spring
as no one ever held these hands before or more in another way.

Her smile heals the broken bones of this broken man
and cleanses away the wounds of my arms.
She never saw me carry her as I feel like I’m always helpful towards anybody.

There were days where she captured my heart
and there were days where she left me out.
Still, there are days when she captures my heart
and there are days where she leaves it out.

I guess I can’t hear anything ‘cause I can’t hear Zephyr whisper
and, I guess I can’t see anything ‘cause without you I am gone…
Gone… gone… without you I am gone.

I’m too tired of this cat and mouse affair never happened
I didn’t spent my life calling out your name

There are times where she leaves it open..

written on February 17, 2009

finished on February 26, 2009

revised on March 4, 2009

eidos # 456


~ by controlkiryu on 18. 03. 2014.

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