Nothing In This Planet

I woke up from bed at night
to see the world in crisis.
No one knows when will this end
and we don’t care.

Every morning, was is At again?
It turns my vision to a complete blur
to know that this is what I’ll expect
and now we care.

Nothing can make up
of what they left behind
when someone really cares,
nothing will really changes.

Nothing in this planet
can stop all those things.
All the things they make turns the Earth into a wasteland
and there’s nothing can we do about it.

Every dark side has another side.
Peace and freedom is all we ever wanted.
There is only one answer left; and that’s
how many people’s gone to the other side.

Everything’s wrong
and everything’s ruined.
We are trying our own best.
Is to stop all wars
when everything stops
what’s left for us?
Another paradise.. that we could destroy.

Everything’s wrong
and everything’s ruined.
Nothing can make up what war’d brought.
And when time stops,
what’ll it be for us?
Another place… full-nothing to be seen.

Nothing can we do about it,
just try to hold and we will survive it.
Last chance of seeing the world in paradise,
when you blink, all you see is nothing.

written on 2005

eidos # 463


~ by controlkiryu on 15. 04. 2014.

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