Sleepy^2, Cruel^2, Not A^2

(Oh, just one hour left)

I don’t know if you’re calling attention
‘cause I see that you are out of tone
and you wake up and sleep again and
facing my direction, I keep telling myself: look away and

Oh, shit I’ve been distracted by the fights and events
I never even noticed that you’re inches away
While I’m thinking, avoiding fights, oh rather, oh
you’re closing in I’m closing out and I hope
you’d hear me, God, ‘cause I’ll pray

I’ll keep on using Yous
‘til you’re blown away
Well I’ll kinda take a plane on
a bus to leave out of this joint
so hand me over a booze
‘cause I will never leave clues
when I get out of this joint
and then she hit me with a brick now I can’t tell, what’s the point

for her
I’ll send her far away
so come on show me how
‘cause I mean this more than words can ever say

Oh, it fuckin’ hurts
She hit me with all her might

written on circa 2007-2008

eidos # 466


~ by controlkiryu on 25. 04. 2014.

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