Love In A Put A Way

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At the corner of my eye, you smiled and, already, I was freaking out
I shivered like a child when I noticed that you’re coming straight for me
Then, I am four chairs away from you and I keep on freaking out

My watch’s telling me to do my homework, now
I can’t seem to pretend anymore
I’m not liking this anymore

I’ll wake you up and tell you that we’ll run away from this hell
An I’ll show you all the way to freedom of expressing love and rejection

written on circa 2007-2008

eidos # 465

Good Service From An Excellent Flutist

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At first, you’re adorable but now I cannot stop on thinking about you..
Those ocean eyes and your pretty face caught the wave in me..

They’ve been kicking us when we’re around
We took care of ourselves by practicing, with a teacher,
who knows us very well, teaching us
“Now, take a spike” / “Nice receive!”

You’ve prevented this disaster
by doing something unrelated
You scored, just for our team
and we, like, said, “that’s a good service from an excellent flutist!”

A week from the main event
We stumbled on something “rubber related”
Oh, taking a new profession, that’s when you need to skip a beat
Soaring slowly across the net, it is..

A week from the main event
We stumbled on something “rubber related”
A week from the main event
We stumbled on something “rubber related”

A week from the main event
A week from the main event
We stumbled on something “rubber related”
A week from the main event
A week from the main event
We stumbled on something “rubber related”

Doing something unrelated
Doing something unrelated
Doing something unrelated
Doing something unrelated
You scored
Doing something unrelated
Doing something unrelated
Doing something unrelated
Doing something unrelated
You scored

(Practiced on the rich kid’s arena, fought a war on the school’s gymnasium arena)

written on circa 2007-2008

eidos # 464

Nothing In This Planet

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I woke up from bed at night
to see the world in crisis.
No one knows when will this end
and we don’t care.

Every morning, was is At again?
It turns my vision to a complete blur
to know that this is what I’ll expect
and now we care.

Nothing can make up
of what they left behind
when someone really cares,
nothing will really changes.

Nothing in this planet
can stop all those things.
All the things they make turns the Earth into a wasteland
and there’s nothing can we do about it.

Every dark side has another side.
Peace and freedom is all we ever wanted.
There is only one answer left; and that’s
how many people’s gone to the other side.

Everything’s wrong
and everything’s ruined.
We are trying our own best.
Is to stop all wars
when everything stops
what’s left for us?
Another paradise.. that we could destroy.

Everything’s wrong
and everything’s ruined.
Nothing can make up what war’d brought.
And when time stops,
what’ll it be for us?
Another place… full-nothing to be seen.

Nothing can we do about it,
just try to hold and we will survive it.
Last chance of seeing the world in paradise,
when you blink, all you see is nothing.

written on 2005

eidos # 463

Fragilites and Transpalites

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You’re overactive, you’re under active but
You’re overacting, you’re under acting but

You’re done with playing, you’d begin fighting but
You’d start with talking, you’d begin lying but
You’ve played with fires and you’re confiscating reigns
You put out fires and you’re disinfecting brains
You turn down businesses, you’re devastating
You’d create defenses, you’re astonishing

It seems that we can’t control our minds
An equation of endlessly, recklessly and more Jupiters with some
Extra three satellites, there’s me and you and our seed

written on circa 2008-2010

eidos # 462

Engineering Days

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Diamond shards beyond the highway keep on shining
A face completely filled with misery keeps on smiling
Romantic figures scattered where our functions are continuous keep on glowing
Fragile hearts that are filled with loneliness and pain keep on beating

written on February 10, 2010

written on February 11, 2010

eidos # 461

Fields of Interest, And Usage Levels

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[It is] prepared by an experienced lexicography staff
With the assistance of hundreds of scholars
Educators, and specialists – have been widely acclaimed for
Their outstanding quality and usefulness but..

What about you?
What about you and your “revised and updated”?

So it only shows that
You and your confidants would be more likely to watch
Poignant love scenes that’s poisonous to the way we think and speak
As well as it’s scapegrace of me to say that
Working students like you know the word and don’t know the
Meaning and pronunciation and it’s bad for your reputation
To be downgraded when young

written on circa 2008-2010

eidos # 460

Get Acquaintances If You Know What I Mean

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Unprepared for everything
Sinking, I’m sinking but I know what to do
If I could hold the time
You weren’t born all the time and neither did I

Storming in my head are clouds inside a circle
Though, it was good to know that hoping that “I’ll pass” is a show

Shading all the angels or I could’ve shaded all the devils
It’ll find… its way
Or I could just try again
It’s easy to lose my way
It’ll find… find… what’s truly mine

It’ll find… what’s mine
I’ll find… find…… find… what’s truly mine

written on November 29, 2008

entitled on March 31, 2014

eidos # 479

Come To The Point Where, “I’ll Die For You” Comes

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10 guards surround us while
darkness blinds us come to
see it as warning come
to see it as a
reward we did things together
and we were supposed to
be transported to someplace else
but come to think of
it come to think that
we were bad as a
snake back then come to
think that I would fall
without seeing you laugh come
to the point where I
will die for you comes

written on February, 2009

eidos # 458

The Summer Song

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S-U-M-M-E-R. I kinda wonder where we are?

The beach is.. the place and..
I kinda wonder if my friends are gonna be there?
I’d sit back.. relax and..
Listen to the music on the radio

But I don’t care, I just don’t care

S-U-M-M-E-R. I kinda wonder where you are?

The awake shores.. are waiting..
We’d crossed over tulip roads ahead
They’re waiting.. I’m shaking and..

The sun is.. shining bright…
Our faces.. lit up the night
Your presence’s nowhere to be found
Your trace is.. swimming in the dark…

On the month of summer everythin’s better
As I wait to see your face glimmer
On the month of summer, everybody’s together
It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember
I’m having the time of my life this summer

written on March 22, 2008

eidos # 457


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I’m the person whose heart is always hidden.
I’m undiscovered, tell me girl, I’m not mistaken.
Everyday turns to be a normal or a sad day.

She lights the firecrackers of happiness every time she makes a noise.
Every time she made a noise, I feel like I could be helpful towards anybody.

I’m too tired longing for the same girl for years.
For a century, she was temporary.

She leaves it going, for a long time it was pumping
out the wanting to merge with someone who I believed in spring
as no one ever held these hands before or more in another way.

Her smile heals the broken bones of this broken man
and cleanses away the wounds of my arms.
She never saw me carry her as I feel like I’m always helpful towards anybody.

There were days where she captured my heart
and there were days where she left me out.
Still, there are days when she captures my heart
and there are days where she leaves it out.

I guess I can’t hear anything ‘cause I can’t hear Zephyr whisper
and, I guess I can’t see anything ‘cause without you I am gone…
Gone… gone… without you I am gone.

I’m too tired of this cat and mouse affair never happened
I didn’t spent my life calling out your name

There are times where she leaves it open..

written on February 17, 2009

finished on February 26, 2009

revised on March 4, 2009

eidos # 456

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